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List of Swear Words, Bad Words, & Curse Words - Starting With S

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Below is a list of 38 user submitted swear words. starting with the letter s.
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sand nigger - middle eastern

sandnigger - middle eastern

schlong - male genitalia

scrote - male genitalia

shit - poop

shitass - idiot

shitbag - idiot

shitbagger - idiot

shitbrains - idiot

shitbreath - Bad Breath

shitcanned - Fired

shitcunt - idiot

shitdick - idiot

shitface - pooface

shitfaced - Drunk

shithead - jerk

shithole - idiot

shithouse - bathroom

shitspitter - butt

shitstain - poop

shitter - defecator

shittiest - worst

shitting - pooping

shitty - bad

shiz - poop

shiznit - poop

skank - dirty girl

skeet - semen

skullfuck - sexual act

slut - sexually popular woman

slutbag - sexually popular woman

smeg - poop

snatch - female genitalia

spic - mexican

spick - mexican american

splooge - ejaculate

spook - White person

suckass - idiot

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