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List of Swear Words, Bad Words, & Curse Words - Starting With F

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Below is a list of 40 user submitted swear words. starting with the letter f.
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fag - homosexual

fagbag - homosexual

fagfucker - homosexual

faggit - homosexual

faggot - homosexual

faggotcock - homosexual

fagnut - homosexual

fagtard - homosexual idiot

fatass - a fat person

fellatio - sexual act

feltch - sexual act

flamer - homosexual

fuck - fornicate

fuckass - idiot

fuckbag - idiot

fuckboy - idiot

fuckbrain - idiot

fuckbutt - butt

fuckbutter - Sexual fluids

fucked - had intercourse

fucker - fornicator

fuckersucker - idiot

fuckface - idiot

fuckhead - butt

fuckhole - jerk

fuckin - sexual act

fucking - freaking

fucknose - idiot

fucknut - idiot

fucknutt - idiot

fuckoff - go away

fucks - sexual act

fuckstick - male genitalia

fucktard - Moron

fucktart - idiot

fuckup - idiot

fuckwad - idiot

fuckwit - dummy

fuckwitt - idiot

fudgepacker - homosexual

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